Anything else, Rockstar?

Johannes would like some content from GTA Online to make its way into single player as well.  (Image: Rockstar Games / Getty Images - PeopleImages)

Johannes would like some content from GTA Online to make its way into single player as well. (Image: Rockstar Games / Getty Images – PeopleImages)

Rockstar has been providing GTA Online with new content for several years – but single-player fans are left empty-handed. What are you doing, rock star?! Can’t you just implement some content from the online mode in the story mode as well?

A comment by Johannes Repp:

Dear GTA 5, why are you leaving me hanging?

Hello, I’m Johannes and I love Grand Theft Auto 5. I should say that first, because I want to complain. ‘Cause Rockstar pisses me off. Very. I already have Spent over 400 hours playing GTA 5 and I’m slowly noticing how the motivation is leaving me – and I don’t like that!

Even though the online mode is great, I much prefer to spend my time in the single player mode. I’ve played through the campaign there several times. Sometimes completely in first-person perspective, sometimes with a controller and so on. I’m currently trying to play a game that’s new to me: GTA as RPG.

In plain language this means: After the main missions have been completed, I have the in-game assets of all characters with Lester’s assassination missions more than 700 million GTA dollars multiplied. This is where the roleplay begins – what are all the characters doing with their wealth?

First, I bought all available real estate in Los Santos. They were quick too Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s garages parked with cars. Muscle cars for Michael, Japanese racers for Franklin or off-road cars for Trevor – GTA has all this and much more to offer.

And there is the first sticking point. Each character can add another garage to their own parking spaces four parking spaces to buy. Four pitches. FOUR. It’s nothing. That sucks compared to the massive catalog of cars that GTA 5 has to offer. And the choice is even greater in online mode.

And that’s the next point that pisses me off – why the hell can’t Rockstar make it online content transfer to single player mode?

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I can understand that the sometimes completely exaggerated war machines that the online mode has received in various updates, the main campaign of the game probably completely destroy would. Also some side missions would probably be a no brainer with a flying rocket bike. But what’s stopping the developers from only making these vehicles accessible AFTER completing these missions?

After all, the vehicles are already in the game files. Thanks to the regular updates, GTA Online now has even more fat cars, a night club and a motorcycle club, bunkers, aircraft carriers, submarines, huge yachts and even a tropical island paradise. The latter was added for the Cayo Perico Heist.

And the annoying thing about it: Many missions can be completed in GTA Online even play alone. Be it supply missions for the various income opportunities or various heists. Why do I HAVE to play this in online mode? Why am I forced to laboriously farm my account fully while I’m totaling up in single-player mode? over 2 billion GTA dollars sit?

For Franklin, a sports car for five million GTA dollars is a no brainer. My alter ego has to endure hours of heists, sell missions and car races in GTA Online. Without days of grinding I will never be able to reach such sums in online mode. And spending real money on overpriced cash cards is out of the question for me.

And that’s probably where the dog is buried. For Rockstar, it pays to make the grind as unattractive as possible. Anyone who has had enough of earning money in small steps or simply cannot wait any longer, reaches for the cash card and pumps money into the company.

And then there are people like me who are not willing to spend money on it. The just relaxed in single player cruise through Los Santos want and are therefore not exactly the most lucrative customers for Rockstar.

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All I want is the larger garages and extensive car catalog from online mode available in single player are. I want to cruise down Vespucci Beach with Michael in a vintage Rosevelt Valor, start a motorcycle club in Paleto Bay with Trevor, and keep law and order in Los Santos at night with Franklin in a Vigilante Batmobile take.

And all this without having to deal with trigger-happy chaos-mongers, unfriendly chat rooms and hackers. Is that really too much to ask?

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