Comment se rendre au système Starfield Wolf et trouver l’emplacement de The Den

How to Access the Wolf System in Starfield?

There are dozens of star systems that you can visit in Starfield, but the Wolf system has quickly become one of the most popular destinations. This is because it is the perfect place to sell contraband in Starfield, as your ships will not be scanned there and you can sell all your illicit items at The Den, a space station orbiting one of the planets in the Wolf system.

Below, we will reveal the location of the Wolf system in Starfield and how to reach both the Wolf system and The Den itself so you can get rid of all the harvested organs clogging up your ship’s storage.

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Location of the Starfield Wolf System

In Starfield, the location of the Wolf system is just to the right of Sol on the Starmap. It is 16 light years away from Alpha Centauri and appears as a nameless lone star until you fly over it. Here is a screenshot to help you locate the Wolf system:

Image Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

To jump there for the first time, you need to be in a nearby star system within gravitational jump range of the Wolf system. Alpha Centauri or the Sol system will work just fine.

Click on the Wolf star, then hold down « X » on the keyboard to access it. You may arrive in the middle of a small squadron of Purple Fleet ships, but they shouldn’t be difficult to destroy even with the Frontier, your first ship in Starfield.

The Wolf system in Starfield with the location of The Den highlighted.

Image Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

How to Reach The Den

The Den is the main reason you might want to visit the Wolf system, as it is here that you can sell all the contraband items on you without being detected.

To reach The Den, go to the Wolf system, then open the system map. Find the planet Chthonia (the smaller of the two planets), then click on the icon orbiting Chthonia titled « The Den ».

Once The Den is selected, hold down « X » on the keyboard to travel there.

A Starfield ship flying towards The Den, a space station.

Image Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

You will arrive at a short distance from the space station. From there, fly towards it until you are within 500 meters of the station, then press « F » to select it, and hold down « R » to dock with the station.

Once inside, you can locate the Trade Authority shop just past the wall on your left. Talk to the vendor to sell all your contraband!

That’s all you need to know to reach the Wolf system in Starfield and dock at The Den. For more high-level Starfield primers, check out our guides on the best Starfield skills to start with, the best Starfield builds, and the best Starfield perks. We also have a guide for Starfield romance options, as well as a list of console commands and item IDs.