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The highly anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild, titled Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, is set to arrive soon on Nintendo Switch. In this article, we provide an overview of everything we know about the game, including its release date, storyline, gameplay mechanics, and trailer. Nintendo made a major impact in 2017 with Breath of the Wild, which is now considered a masterpiece. Nintendo revolutionized the concept of open-world games by breaking away from the use of trivial side quests to guide players through the game world. Players of Zelda BOTW are free to explore the vast world themselves without any indication of points of interest or a detailed journal. The players discover interesting aspects of the game world and leave their marks on it themselves. The game was declared Game of the Year in 2017, and it was clear that a sequel was being developed. Tears of the Kingdom was announced at E3 2019, but no release date was given besides saying it was a sequel. Finally, in September 2022, a Nintendo Direct confirmed that the game would be released on May 12, 2023. Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will only be available on the Nintendo Switch. The game follows directly on from the events of the first game, and Link returns to combat a new evil threat to Hyrule. One major innovation in this game is that Link can explore the skies of Hyrule using various forms of transport. There are also new equipment and powers available to players, as demonstrated in the available trailers. Players can manipulate time, and the power of Cinetis has been remodeled to allow players to send objects or enemies back in time. Lastly, the Italian voice actor of a major character confirmed their return for the sequel, hinting at the possibility of time travel and events set in the past.