Everything you need to know about GTA Online

GTA Online is the multiplayer area of ​​GTA 5. We at MeinMMO summarize all content in a 2-minute video.

What is GTA Online? GTA Online is the multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto V. You create a character and go into the huge and open game world. Lester, a special friend, invites you to new missions over and over again.

What content does GTA Online offer? GTA Online offers you pretty much everything your heart desires:

  • a large, open world with many sights and activities
  • Race bikes, motorcycles, boats, planes, supercars, monster trucks, stunt racers and more
  • PvP in all-on-all, team modes or in the open world
  • different ways to earn currency passively or actively
  • Vehicle tuning for hot sports cars or fun scooters
  • crazy characters in story and in multiplayer

GTA Online announced a subscription service on March 25th. We have taken a closer look at it and summarized the most important information for you.