GTA 5 Online: New vehicle, earn a lot of money quickly & deals

Rockstar Games is providing an info update on this week’s new GTA 5 Online activities and deals. One of the highlights is a new vehicle: the armed Nagasaki Dingi is now available from Warstock Cache & Carry. Also, don’t forget to pick up the Dinka Verus at Warstock Cache & Carry, which is free until March 3rd. If you still don’t have the wherewithal for the new vehicle, you can quickly earn a lot of money on selected missions in GTA 5 Online. You currently receive double payment for special cargo sales, among other things. You can also earn Double GTA$ and RP for Stunt Races, Missions from Simeon, DJ Missions and Sumo.

Also stop by the Diamond Casino bar for free drinks. Also, any parties you throw in the penthouse don’t end up on your bill. Also spin the wheel of fortune for a chance at the Vapid FMJ as the grand prize. In addition, you switch to GTA 5 Online (buy now €189.95 / €26.98) free glow-stick glasses. To do this, successfully complete an import/export sell mission via your special vehicle warehouse to obtain the blue-magenta glow stick glasses. After March 8th, log in again to claim your reward.