GTA 6 is already breaking a record on Twitter – gaming tweet goes off

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Rockstar Games has already set an industry record in the gaming scene with GTA 6 – although the title has not even been released yet.

New York – GTA 6 is already eagerly awaited by fans. Almost immediately after the release of Grand Theft Auto V in 2013, the first voices were raised asking for the next part. Now developer Rockstar Games has finally officially confirmed what many already suspected: GTA 6 is in development. More is not yet known about the title and the game will probably take some time before it is released. Nevertheless, the New York developer was able to set an industry record with GTA 6.

name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6)
release 2024 (unconfirmed)
publishers Rockstar Games
developer Rockstar North
platform PS5, Xbox Series X, PC
gender Action-adventure, open-world

GTA 6: Rockstar Games sets industry record even before release

GTA 6 has already broken this record: GTA 6 will probably set some records, after all, the New York developers have been working on the next title in the series for quite a while. A well-known French insider has probably already had a first look at the game and promised that the graphics of GTA 6 are incredible. In addition, it will probably also break some sales records, because GTA 5 was also able to set some records for itself.

Man showing thumbs up near Twitter logo. In the background a GTA 6 poster created by a fan.
GTA 6: New Rockstar game breaks records ahead of release © Games/Twitter/pixabay (Edit)

But that is still in the distant future, because the release of GTA 6 will probably only take place in 2024 or later. At least that is the general opinion among industry experts and insiders. A recently leaked document seems to confirm that GTA 6 will be released in 2024. But long before the release, the New York developer set a first industry record with GTA 6.

In early February, Rockstar Games announced on its Twitter account that the “next Grand Theft Auto title was in development. That probably made fans cheer loudly, because the patience threads were getting shorter and shorter. The likes collected under the tweet also show that fans were happy about the announcement. With a short post of almost 150 characters, Rockstar Games was able to collect a total of 601,350 likes. This makes the announcement of GTA 6 the most liked tweet in the gaming industry to date.

GTA 6: Announcement on Twitter collects over 600,000 likes – breaks record

Top 3 most liked gaming tweets: For a long time before Rockstar Games announced GTA 6, someone else was at the forefront of gaming tweets: PlayStation. Sony had to postpone a PS5 event in 2020 due to the corona pandemic. This service tweet generated a whopping 510,000 likes, ranking #1 until Rockstar came around the corner. Now the Twitter post is in 2nd place. These are the top 3 most liked gaming tweets:

  1. Rockstar Games announcing GTA 6: 601,351 likes
  2. PlayStation with the postponement of the 2020 PS5 event: 510,422 likes
  3. SplatoonJP announcing Splatoon 3: 365,259 likes

The anticipation for GTA 6 is enormous. So it's no wonder that numerous rumors and leaks are currently circulating. The GTA 6 trailer should also be released shortly – at least that's what a hip-hop musician claims. According to his own statements, he was involved in the next title and produced music for Grand Theft Auto VI. It remains to be seen whether his statements will be confirmed.

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