You have to experience this: The funniest features in GTA V

Hard to believe that GTA V is already almost seven years old. Nevertheless, the game still knows how to inspire millions of gamers on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The online mode in particular offers numerous bases for memes and gifs that are floating around everywhere in the depths of the internet.

It’s really hard to believe what the developers have come up with for GTA V. Apart from the main missions and in the online mode, you can really experience quite a lot and you will be surprised again and again. It’s not one of the most popular open world games for nothing. We have summarized the funniest and craziest features of the blockbuster game for you.

What awaits you in this post:

Play golf or tennis online with friends

When you buy GTA V, you don’t just buy one game, but several. In addition to racing simulations, you can also play tennis or golf with friends in online mode. In the entire urban area of ​​Los Santos you will find several tennis courts where you can compete against each other.

Four players can golf together. No matter what you choose, it’s really amazing how much work the developers put into these mini-games. At the same time, tennis and golf in GTA V can easily keep up with full-fledged sports simulations.

Diamond Casino in GTA online

GTA 5 Stock Tips GuideLast year Diamond Casino & Resort reopened in GTA Online mode. This is a huge entertainment and luxury area. As in real life, it is also possible here to take a seat at the roulette table and play to your heart’s content. However, you should have dealt with the games in the casino a little beforehand, otherwise you can quickly get rid of your virtual money here.

You can get a good workout online at Mr Play Casino, for example. In addition to slot machines, Mr Play also offers card and table games, with which you can prepare well for the casino world of GTA Online. You can also secure a bonus of 200 euros and 100 free spins here.

After that you should definitely be well prepared for the Diamond Casino. Here you will find not only roulette but also blackjack, poker and even slot machines. After playing, you can meet up with friends in the penthouse for various spa treatments. A relaxing counterbalance to the virtual criminal business.

Ghost hunt in the mountains

Gamers with an affinity for the occult will find what they are looking for in the mountains of Los Santos. To do this, travel northeast of Blaine County toward Monte Gordo. Here you have the opportunity to observe the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans. She was the wife of stuntman John “Jock” Cranley, who pushed her off the cliffs of Monte Gordo near the lighthouse in 1978. However, the deed could never be proven, which is why he is still at large today.

Since her death, Jolene’s ghost has haunted the mountains. If you want to find them, you have to be at the top of Gordo between 11 p.m. and midnight. However, you should not get too close to it, otherwise the apparition will disappear. The best way to watch them is from a distance with the scope of the sniper rifle or with the zoom from the 3rd person perspective.

Goatman instead of Bigfoot

In addition to the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans, there are other supernatural sights in GTA V. Another representative that is very rarely seen is the Goatman. You could call him the Bigfoot of the game as you really have to be lucky to come across him.

It is a creature that appears to be half human, half goat. If you want to meet them in GTA V, you have to be clever. It is said to be found in the region around the Catfish View Bridge. Signs are a very high pitched squeak and the sound of hooves. However, if you go in search of Goatman, you should document the whole thing. So far there isn’t much evidence.

Extraterrestrial life in GTA V

Aliens live, at least in Los Santos. However, the green men are not that easy to find. You only discover most of them once you’ve played through the game. Then you can find one on Mount Chilliad, one above Sandy Shores, one on the seabed near North Point, one over Fort Zancudo and a crashed UFO can be found south of this military base.

However, UFOs are not the only signs of extraterrestrial life in the game. Right during the first mission you can spot an alien in the ice. After Trevor and Michael rob a bank, the escape leads to a drawbridge with a river underneath. There you will find the alien frozen. However, you don’t really have much time to look at the whole thing, since the mission and the escape are timed and the task fails if you dawdle too long.