Fans have been annoyed by the interface for 9 years

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GTA Online players have been annoyed by an impractical feature for years.  (Image sources: Rockstar Games, Getty Images/Svitlana Barsukova)

GTA Online players have been annoyed by an impractical feature for years. (Image sources: Rockstar Games, Getty Images/Svitlana Barsukova)

GTA Online has changed a lot since its release in 2013. Rockstar is always pushing updates that bring improvements and new content. However, one feature seems to be completely irrelevant to the developers. Because for 9 years, players have been complaining that it’s just poorly implemented.

GTA Online: Still no solution for cluttered interface

Fast cars, urban mayhem, gangster action – GTA Online delivers it all to players in multiplayer that is as fun as it is relentless. At the same time, there are also a lot of annoying aspects, one of which is currently being discussed by the GTA Online community on Reddit very special.

Reddit user 7DeadlyFetishes sums up the problem with an extremely illustrative image, and the community agrees with him with over 17,000 upvotes to:

« I absolutely hate how cluttered the HUD can get while playing‘ he writes, adding the very worst case: ‘When you exit the clothing menu after browsing for a very long time.« 

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The community agrees with him. Kill feed, mini-map, calls, money overlays, messages about current events – according to the fans, in GTA Online it can happen more often that they can no longer see the game because of all the game overlays. An issue in GTA Online that has existed since release day and has only gotten worse with the later released Lobby Events. Although you can at least mute the ringtone of incoming callers, you cannot stop the calls completely.

GTA | Can you master the ultimate quiz?

GTA Online has dominated the gangster genre for eight years – and yet one annoying feature hasn’t been revised since release day. On Reddit, the community is collectively upset about HUD overcrowding.

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