La contrebande de Starfield expliquée : où vendre de la contrebande et comment éviter d’être détecté

Where Can You Sell Starfield Contraband?
Contraband in Starfield refers to anything that is illegal to possess or trade in a given location. If you have contraband, it usually means you have acquired forbidden items or substances. The game marks your Starfield contraband with a yellow marker in your inventory so you can keep track of everything you might need to sell on the black market. Possessing contraband can quickly get you into trouble, which is why we reveal the best places to sell contraband in Starfield early on. We will also discuss how to hide contraband and avoid detection using shielded compartments, skill upgrades, and more. In this guide:
1. Starfield Contraband
2. Where to Sell Starfield Contraband
3. Starfield Contraband Items
4. How to Hide Contraband
5. How to Smuggle Contraband and Avoid Detection
6. What Happens If You Get Caught Selling Contraband?
7. How to Reclaim Confiscated Contraband

Starfield Contraband
If you notice an item in your inventory with a yellow symbol next to it, then it is contraband. Contraband in Starfield is a step above stolen items. Stealing items is illegal, yes, but contraband is illegal regardless of how you obtained it. And it typically holds much more value. Whenever you see a yellow icon like this, you are carrying contraband.

Starfield Contraband can earn you a lot of extra credits, but you will face serious consequences if caught selling or harboring prohibited items. When entering patrolled and controlled zones by factions such as cities or space stations, your ship will undergo a contraband scan. While you can resist this scan, it is not advised as it can lead to severe consequences. Once you allow authorities to board your ship, they will also seize anything considered contraband as well as any stolen loot.

Where to Sell Starfield Contraband
The best place to sell contraband is The Den, a space station located in the Wolf system, as you will not be scanned upon arrival. You can sell contraband in Starfield at any Trade Authority store or kiosk, but going to The Den means you won’t be scanned and discovered with contraband, making it by far the easiest and safest option for selling contraband. The Wolf system is the best place to sell contraband in Starfield.

Any star system controlled by the United Colonies or Freestar Collective will scan your ship for contraband upon arrival. While there are ways to protect yourself from the scan, there is still a chance of being discovered smuggling contraband. This is why The Den space station in the Wolf system is the best choice for selling contraband: the Wolf system does not require a scan to enter. Dock at The Den space station and sell your contraband to the trade authority there.

As soon as you obtain contraband, you should head directly to sell the illicit items because if you travel to another star system in the meantime, you risk being discovered transporting contraband. Once you are in the Wolf system, navigate to The Den on the star system map, dock at the space station, and then talk to the trader in the trade authority room behind the left wall when you enter the station. Here, you can sell your contraband items until you run out of stock or the trader runs out of credits to offer you.

Other places to sell contraband in Starfield include:
– The Den – Wolf System
– The Key – Kryx System
– Neon – Volii Alpha (TBD)
– New Atlantis – Jemison (TBD)
– Cydonia – Mars (TBD)
– Akila City – Akila (TBD)

Pro Tip: If the trader you are selling contraband to runs out of credits, use the time pass mechanism to wait 48 hours and their credits will replenish, allowing you to sell more contraband!

Starfield Contraband Items
Contraband items in Starfield appear in your inventory or cargo hold with a yellow icon next to them, indicating they are illegal contraband. Below is a list of all known contraband items in Starfield and their value on the black market:

– Aurora: Value 760 / Weight 0.1 / Value per Weight 7600
– Harvested Organs: Value 13500 / Weight 3 / Value per Weight 4500
– Mechanical Components: Value 12290 / Weight 3.8 / Value per Weight 3234
– Sensitive AI Adapters: Value 14840 / Weight 2.5 / Value per Weight 5936
– Stolen Artwork: Value 15600 / Weight 3 / Value per Weight 5200
– Va’Ruun’s Heretical Writings: Value 8190 / Weight 2 / Value per Weight 4095
– Xenowar Technology: Value 16110 / Weight 2.5 / Value per Weight 6444

If you own a house, you can safely store your contraband there.

How to Hide Contraband in Starfield
If you need a place to temporarily store contraband, a perfect hiding spot is an outpost you own in a star system that does not belong to any major faction (and therefore does not scan you upon arrival). You can also hide contraband in your house, and if you have the Starfield Dream Home trait, you can store your Starfield contraband there as the location is not subject to scanning. However, you can essentially store contraband anywhere there is a container to hold it. Items in Starfield persist in storage. Once, I left a bunch of organs in a random cooler in a Spacer lunar base and came back later to retrieve them when I was ready to sell.

How to Smuggle Contraband in Starfield
Here are the best ways to hide and smuggle contraband in Starfield:
1. Never have contraband on your person
2. Upgrade your Deception skill
3. Get a shielded compartment
4. Use a scan jammer

Keep in mind that no matter what upgrades and skills you have, there is always a risk of failing cargo scans if you have contraband on your ship. And the more contraband you have, the higher the chances of authorities catching you with these items, no matter the precautions you take. But these are the ways you can increase your chances of avoiding detection when smuggling contraband in Starfield.

Never have contraband on your person: If you have contraband items on you – like in your character’s current inventory – then you have a 100% chance of getting caught smuggling when it is scanned by a faction ship. So, if you are carrying contraband and need to make a gravity jump to a faction-owned star system, you must first transfer all your contraband items into your cargo hold.

Upgrade your Deception skill: To avoid getting caught with Starfield contraband, you can use the Deception skill, which you can select in the second tier of the game’s social skill tree. This skill makes you much less likely to be flagged during contraband scans. At the first rank, you will reduce your risk of being caught by…