Los Santos is in crisis – summer update drives up gas prices

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Of: Janik Boeck

Sometimes reality even catches up with the games you’re trying to escape from. In GTA Online, too, it’s getting harder to just get distracted.

New York – Video games are a wonderful way to escape reality for a moment and just switch off – at least in theory. GTA Online has been a popular port of call for such an escape for years. Now developer Rockstar Games has announced the plot for the new summer update 2022. Escaping reality isn’t really possible, as it turns out.

Escaping reality in gaming? Not with GTA Online

GTA Online makes it difficult for you: The first content and release for the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 was recently announced. Fans are already eagerly awaiting the new content and a refreshing story in the online mode. However, Rockstar Games seems to have discovered a diabolical side to itself, because one cannot necessarily speak of refreshment. The story of the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 sounds all too familiar.

Escaping reality made difficult: « The economy in southern San Andreas is in crisis. Gasoline prices are at their highest level in decades, supply difficulties dominate the market and an unforgiving heat wave has the state firmly in its grip.« It says from the « Grand Theft Auto » developer from New York to the new update.

Oil burns under the GTA Online logo
GTA Online: The air is also burning in the game © Rockstar Games / Unsplash (Montage)

That’s right, Rockstar Games promptly knitted the story for the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 out of the current global situation. True to the motto of the cantina band: « All right, same song. And off!“ the developer quickly brings reality into their new update – more immersion is not possible.

GTA Online brings reality into the game – end of the world can be fun

In GTA Online we take matters into our own hands: « Meanwhile, the sudden rise in prices at the gas station draws the attention of the IAA, who suspect the corrupt Duggan oil family is using the system to their advantage. The Agency will need your help to find out the truth. » is the story in the GTA Online Summer Update 2022.

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Despite the heat wave, there is some refreshment in the hot story of the update. Instead of giving oil multinationals further wealth with tank discounts, we can take matters into our own hands in GTA Online and see if things are right. It remains to be seen whether the IAA makes the right decision to put a few hot-headed gangsters on the job – after all, there is a lot of explosive potential. But we don’t complain about that.

We don’t have to pay for gas in GTA Online, we don’t care about disrupted supply chains and inflation, and we only suffer heat stroke when we’re too close to exploding cars. With all the oppression in the real global situation, the end of the world in GTA Online can be fun – somehow refreshing.