Meilleures armes et pistolets Starfield

Searching for the best weapons in Starfield? There are plenty of enemies to kill in your adventure among the stars of Starfield, and that means you’ll need the best weapons by your side. Starfield, however, allows you to practically scavenge everything, which can make combat incredibly overwhelming when you suddenly have so many weapons stored in your inventory. In this guide, we will present the best weapons in Starfield and how to obtain them so you can devastate anyone who might be your enemy in the colonized systems and beyond. With shotguns, pistols, laser rifles, and even grenade launchers at your disposal, it will be easier than ever to clean out our raider camps and decimate your enemies.

Best Weapons of Starfield

Below, you will find our list of the best weapons and pistols in Starfield:

1. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol
– A unique variant of the Old Earth Pistol with high damage and two mods, Large Magazine and High Velocity, to increase clip size, range, and accuracy.
– Obtained by selecting the Kid Stuff trait, where your parents occasionally give you gifts, with the first being Sir Livingstone’s Pistol.

2. Trickshot
– A unique Magshot revolver pistol that packs a serious punch.
– Has faster precision, range, damage, and fire rate than regular Magshot pistols.
– Special ability Skip Shot fires two projectiles at once every fourth shot, providing consistent extra firepower.
– Found at 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage on Niira, in the Narion system, by looting the Mech Husk standing outside the unique salvage building.

3. Ashta Dompteur
– A lever-action shotgun that doubles as a fantastic grenade launcher.
– Deals high damage and randomly inflicts incendiary damage to its targets.
– Obtained by completing the quest « The Empty Nest » in Akila City, where you venture into the cave known as the Empty Nest and loot a chest containing Ashta Dompteur.

4. Eternity’s Gate
– A unique particle beam rifle with high energy damage and incredible accuracy.
– Comes with various mods, such as a long barrel and scope, to aid long-range shooting.
– Has the legendary Handloading effect, which randomly modifies the damage of each shot.
– Obtained very late in the story during the Unearthed mission by choosing the Hunter side and defeating the emissary.

5. Unmitigated Violence
– A unique laser rifle with a wide range of mods to increase range, accuracy, and fire rate.
– Has three excellent traits: Frenzy, Radioactive, and Instigator.
– Frenzy has a small chance to make enemies attack each other, helping you divert their attention.
– Radioactive has a small chance to demoralize your target, making them flee the fight.
– Obtained by choosing the emissary side during the Unearthed mission, leading to a battle with the Hunter and looting Unmitigated Violence from their body.

6. Deadeye
– A powerful unique revolver ideal for space cowboys.
– Inflicts high damage, has high accuracy, and comes with various mods, including a laser sight, compensator, hair trigger, and armor-piercing rounds.
– Obtained in Akila City during a bank heist on your first visit by either peacefully resolving or violently ending the bank robbery, then becoming a Freestar Ranger and receiving the Deadeye from the marshal.

7. Fiscal Quarter Rifle
– Ideal for dealing with heavily armored enemies.
– Despite its low physical damage, its unique trait, Shredding, allows it to break even the strongest armor.
– Complete the mission « Money Can Buy It All » at the beginning of the Starfield campaign in Neon to obtain the Fiscal Quarter Rifle.

8. Experience A-7
– One of the most…

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