Navires gratuits Starfield et comment les obtenir

Starfield Free Spaceships List

Here is a list of all the free spaceships available in Starfield. Whether you’re running low on credits or simply want to know which quests to complete to get a free Starfield ship as a reward, we have all the information you need right here. Some of these free Starfield ships are among the best in the game. You can check out our main list of ships you should chase with our Starfield best ships guide, which also features some of these ships. Here, we will share all the free ships you can get in the game and how to obtain and add them to your arsenal. And, while our main list of free Starfield ships is a game reward, we’ve also added some information about darker ways to get free ships, provided you’re not afraid to start your own criminal enterprise. To see this content, please enable targeting cookies. Manage cookie settings Was Starfield worth the wait? Liam and Alice B discuss this question – and much more – in the video above. Watch on YouTube

Free Starfield Spaceships List

The free Starfield ships are the Frontier, Kepler R (or Kepler S), Razorleaf, Star Eagle, UC Prison Shuttle, Wanderwell, and Starborn Guardian. The free Starfield ships come from various sources. The Frontier is your starting ship, the Starborn Guardian is your New Game+ ship, you can get the Wanderwell as a trade reward, and the others are mission rewards in the game. You can have up to ten ships in your arsenal, so you have plenty of space in your fleet to collect them for free. You can also upgrade almost every one of these ships to make them even more powerful. Whatever ships you choose, you’ll want to continuously upgrade all your ships as the game progresses and you face more difficult situations and battles. Here’s a more in-depth look at all the free Starfield ships.

– Fuel: 50
– Hull: 366
– Cargo: 450
– Crew: 2
– Shield: 310

The Frontier is your starting ship. This free Starfield ship is as basic as it gets, which makes sense since it essentially functions as your tutorial ship. Most players will want to invest in better ships as soon as possible, as this one is ill-equipped for serious combat.

Kepler R
– Fuel: 2800
– Hull: 999
– Cargo: 3550
– Crew: 6
– Shield: 805

The Kepler R has the highest fuel and cargo capacity among the free Starfield ships. This Class C ship is fast and equipped with strong weaponry, making it ideal for exploration and combat. You can earn the Kepler R by completing the Overhauled mission for Walter Stroud as part of the Purple Fleet questline. It also has a value of 448,477, making it one of the most valuable ships in the game. However, you need to make a series of specific choices to obtain this ship. For example, you’ll have the option to choose a smaller or larger budget and will have the opportunity to complete up to two « destruction » missions, up to two « transport » missions, or a mix of both. To get the Kepler R, you’ll need to choose the « teambuilding » option towards the end of this mission, sticking to the most motivating and positive responses. You may even find yourself delivering a motivational speech, but if you do, you’ll find the rewards are much greater than they would otherwise be. If you fail to make the right choices, you’ll end up with the much weaker Kepler S.

– Fuel: 140
– Hull: 469
– Cargo: 420
– Crew: 2
– Shield: 360

The Razorleaf is perhaps one of the best ships you can obtain in the game, and it’s completely free. It’s fast, allows for a 30 light-year jump, and has a powerful weapon. These combined elements make it ideal for combat. You’ll earn it as a reward for completing the Mantis questline. The ship also has the added advantage of being feared, so enemies may deliberately avoid you if they see you wandering in space on board this thing. It also has a built-in armored cargo capacity of 160, allowing you to quickly transport contraband.

Star Eagle
– Fuel: 140
– Hull: 948
– Cargo: 2736
– Crew: 5
– Shield: 760

This is a well-balanced Class A large ship (29 thrusters) with a relatively high cargo capacity, making it a smart choice for resource collection. It’s a balanced intermediate ship, great for regular use, as it also has a solid missile stat of 136. You’ll obtain this ship as a reward for completing the Freestar Ranger questline, which you can get in the Akila City area of the game.

UC Prison Shuttle
– Fuel: 200
– Hull: 418
– Cargo: 1090
– Crew: 1
– Shield: 0

While not an excellent ship in all regards, the UC Prison Shuttle looks cool and has an interesting backstory as a ship you acquire as a means of escape. It’s not particularly sturdy and has no shield, but a free ship is a free ship, and if it helps you break out of prison, all the better. You can acquire it during the Purple Fleet storyline as part of a mission called Echoes of the Past.

– Fuel: 200
– Hull: 502
– Cargo: 800
– Crew: 2
– Shield: 544

You can acquire this Class A ship by choosing the Child’s Trick trait, which allows you to visit your parents in exchange for 2% of your overall earned credits. At some point, your parents will gift you this ship. It’s a decent all-around versatile ship, and at the very least, it’s worth more than the credits you give your parents to be able to see them throughout the game. It also has a 27 light-year jump and a ballistic stat of 28. So, while it may not be the best, it’s still a fun and free Starfield ship option.

Starborn Guardian
– Fuel: 1500
– Hull: 649
– Cargo: 950
– Crew: 5
– Shield: 630

This is a powerful combat-oriented ship with a solar laser stat of 24, torpedo stat of 70, and a 30 light-year jump range. You’ll obtain this ship by starting the game in New Game+ mode, which probably explains why it’s ultimately one of the best ships in the game as well. Note that you can’t customize it, but you’ll continue to receive upgraded versions of this ship each time you finish a New Game+ playthrough. The sixth and final version of this ship that you can obtain has a staggering hull of 1254, shield of 1976, armored cargo capacity of 150, solar laser stat of 42, and torpedo stat of 150. Check out our guide for more information on how to obtain the Starborn Guardian and Starborn items in general.

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How to Steal Ships in Starfield

You can also get your hands on free ships in Starfield by stealing them. You can always steal a ship from an NPC, making it technically free, although you may face some repercussions. Consider stealing ships from NPCs that land near you during your exploration. When stealing a ship this way, you’ll need to fly it off the surface of a planet to a new destination to sell it. In space, you can also dock and board hostile ships to attempt to steal them. To do this, disable the engines of an enemy ship, inviting…