Once upon a time… in October 2001 – MANIAC.de

On October 22, the third part of a series that was already known before, but wasn’t really earth-shattering, will be released – Grand Theft Auto III uses the generation change to the PS2 to let the rip-offs that were previously staged from a bird’s eye view now take place in a fully-fledged 3D polygon world. This is of course not the only change, but it is certainly the most serious change, with which the overall package takes off like a rocket and in no time at all the rival and previously technically more demanding rival drivers depends. GTA III Like its predecessors, it was created by the development team in Scotland, which was then called DMA Design, and which was soon renamed Rockstar North. To this day it is the center of all Grand Theft Auto-Activities – all successors are constantly refining the concept established with part 3, but remain true to its core. After all, over 14 million copies have been sold, which makes it all the more remarkable that GTA III has not yet received a full remaster or remake for newer consoles, even if the rumor mill expects one in the near future. This is in stark contrast to the (still) current one GTA Vwhich will be re-released in 2022 – more than eight years after its debut – on already the third generation of hardware.

Compared to this heavyweight, the rest of the new products of the month inevitably pale in comparison, although there are a few prominent names: Activision’s flagship studio at the time, Neversoft, is sending the Birdman along Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 on the PS2 to the next round, Vicarious Visions in turn takes over the PSone sequel Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro. Square Enix dares after a long time delicate steps, its DragonQuest-adventures in the west, and brings the technically not so fresh, but playfully strong part 7 at least in the USA as Dragon Warrior VII (PSone) at the start. Finally, Capcom wants a piece of the von Pokemon nibble on the baked collectible adventure cake, hence the real-time tactical RPG offshoot Mega Man Battle Network on the GBA also finds its way to western realms after a few months of waiting.