Où trouver le système Strix à Starfield

Searching for the Strix system in Starfield? You may have heard during your exploration of the installed systems that the distant Strix system harbors an excellent XP farm that you can use for all your Starfield upgrade needs.

Well, we’ve checked it out, and it’s all true. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find the Strix system in Starfield and how to take advantage of the XP farm on Strix I for a simple and nearly infinite source of XP!

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Où trouver le système Strix à Starfield

To access the Strix system in Starfield, you need to head to the far right of the Starmap. Find the rightmost star in the entire Starmap, then move two stars to the left. That’s Strix. It’s a level 70 star system, and that’s where you need to go to find one of the best and easiest XP farms in Starfield.

To help you pinpoint the exact location of the Strix system, here’s a map to assist you:

Crédit image : Fusil à pompe Rock Paper/Bethesda Game Studios

Remember, to quickly travel to a location, you must have visited each star along your path at least once. Generally, star systems become more challenging as you go further right on the Starmap, and you may find that you need to upgrade your ship, especially its grav drive, before you can jump to the Strix system. But the rewards are worth it once you’re there.

La ferme Strix System XP expliquée

Once you’ve reached the Strix system, head towards Strix I – the closest planet to the star itself. Then, you need to find a landing area with the « Craters » terrain type. You can view the terrain type of a landing location on the right side, above the « Land » button.

La surface de la planète Strix I dans Starfield, avec des flèches pointant vers les éléments de l'interface utilisateur qui indiquaient le nom de la planète et le
Crédit image : Fusil à pompe Rock Paper/Bethesda Game Studios

Once you’ve landed in a « Craters » area on Strix I, you should see a bunch of floating alien creatures called Flocking Nautiloos Filterers in the distance all around you. These creatures are very easy to kill, and their levels range from 1 to 75, allowing you to earn huge amounts of XP with little effort.

Le joueur de Starfield pointe son arme sur un groupe de filtres Flocking Nautiloos flottant dans les airs sur une planète extraterrestre.
Crédit image : Fusil à pompe Rock Paper/Bethesda Game Studios

Once you shoot one Filterer, the others will slowly float towards you, making them very easy targets. They can harm you if they get close enough, but it’s easy to keep your distance and continue blasting them with your best weapons until they die and give you all that precious XP.

Once you’re done with a cluster, look around, and you’ll likely see more Flocking Nautiloos Filterers elsewhere to exploit. If you can’t find any (or run out of Filterers) at your landing spot, simply take off and land in another « Craters » location for an effectively endless XP farm.

That’s all it takes to find the Strix system and benefit from one of the most powerful XP farms in Starfield right now. If you need help reaching Strix, why not check out our guides on the best builds and skills in Starfield? Or if you want to earn more money than XP, check out our