Play GTA at 14? Teenager persuades his parents

A 14 year old managed to persuade his parents to let him play GTA.  That's how he managed it.  (Image: Rockstar Games / Getty Images - m-imagephotography)

A 14 year old managed to persuade his parents to let him play GTA. That’s how he managed it. (Image: Rockstar Games / Getty Images – m-imagephotography)

Actually, GTA is only released for adults. However, one 14-year-old was keen to get a glimpse into the world of Los Santos and tried to persuade his parents. He pulled out all the stops for this – with success!

The lawless world of GTA Online is a great playground for adult gamers. However, Rockstar’s crime epic is not suitable for children and young people, which can be clearly seen from the USK 18 rating. Despite or precisely because of this the game is extremely interesting for younger gamers – a 14-year-old even made his own PowerPoint presentation to convince his parents that he was ready for the game.

GTA Online: 14-year-old convinces parents with PowerPoint

In the « Couple Of » podcast, host Iris Gavric talks about a 14-year-old boy who who built a PowerPoint presentationto convince his parents to let him play GTA Online. The boy’s mother had previously sent her the presentation. In a short video excerpt on Twitter, Gavric presents some of the slides together with her interlocutor.

In the presentation, which was obviously created with a lot of passion, the boy first goes into the game concept of GTA Online and then explains why he should be allowed to play it. True, he admits that it is there are some violent situations in the game, but emphasizes that many of the borderline conflict situations are primarily tactical challenges. He also highlights the social aspect and that he could play with his friends.

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Despite USK 18: 14-year-old is allowed to play Grand Theft Auto

Even if the presentation has some academic blemishes – including Wikipedia and Gutefrage are cited as online sources the conclusion led to success in the end: The parents have given the 14-year-old permission to play GTA Online. A well-structured and reasoned PowerPoint presentation can sometimes really make a big difference.

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