Players want to « feel » GTA 5 properly, then overdo it completely

A YouTuber wanted more realism when playing GTA 5. The right vibrations are not provided by a reinforced controller, but by an extreme conversion of his table. The viewers love it.

What is it about? GTA 5 has a huge selection of vehicles such as supercars or motorcycles. But players like YouTuber Teenengg like it realistic. It’s not enough to feel the vibrations of the vehicles via a dingy controller and to hear the powerful engines. No, it has to be bigger. And better.

So he quickly built a completely exaggerated realism amplifier on his desk to really feel his motorcycle.

Motor as a vibration amplifier? viewers love it

The YouTuber shows: At first he regularly plays Grand Theft Auto V at his table. Drives around with the character Franklin on a motorcycle, burns out and then stops. Then he types in an invented cheat code that says: I want to feel the motorcycle. Suddenly an engine appears next to his monitor.

This is followed by a couple of fun scenes where the YouTuber demonstrates how he hooked up the motor and controls for it.

A controller is apparently connected to its game and perceives how much a vehicle accelerates in the game. The controller is then connected to the engine’s throttle train and revs up the real engine when the in-game vehicle revs up.

It has to be said that there is a real engine on the table, probably from a scooter. If it turns up, the table top vibrates wildly.

After a few tests, he rides his bike through Los Santos and has to hold his keyboard tightly so that it doesn’t vibrate under his hand.

In a race, that works very well. But apparently the YouTuber is dissatisfied with the sound and the vibrations and then quickly removes the exhaust. The motor is now really bubbling, pushing the table off its spot as it accelerates for a long time.

We embed the video of the action here. Check out his channel for more wild experiments like a recoil simulator for his mouse when he’s playing shooters.

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What are the viewers saying? The video is doing really well on Teenenggr’s YouTube channel. In general, people are pleased that the engineer took on a new project again. But even the small details are praised.

One user writes « You got me with the rubber chicken as a starter ». The moment when the Shin-chan character loses his head is also very well received.

Others joke that Samsung would have to pay the YouTuber to stress test the monitor.

How do you like the project? Do you like to look at such crazy ideas that you can use to experience your video games in a completely different way or are you more interested in conversion measures that you can actually implement at home?

Write us your opinion on the video here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchange ideas with other players.

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