Red Dead Redemption 2 Secret Hats And Masks Locations Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with secrets both easy and hard to find. With such a huge map, it made sense for Rockstar Games to let players branch off from the main Story Missions in search of all the wonders the game has to offer. Collecting hats and masks is one such activity.

You can identify these hats by their unique glow once they fall onto the ground. That is how you can tell whether a hat is saveable or not. Also, when you pick up these hats, you will see their name pop up on the right hand side of your screen. This indicates that the hat is registered and can always be accessed in your wardrobe.

In this guide, we will cover the locations (and well as provide images of course) of all the Unique Hats and Masks that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2. We also have a video showcasing all the stolen and found hats that you can acquire in the game, including which are missable / unmissable and exactly where to find them.

Missable Hats

It is highly advisable that you save your game before attempting to acquire these missable hats. The reason being that sometimes you can make a mistake which will make it impossible to repeat the missions. So always save and then continue. Make sure you turn off your auto-save feature as well, to avoid saving right after the mission.

Missable Hats Video Guide

Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat

An NPC named Jon, who is found drunk at the Valentine Saloon between 12 PM and 5 AM, will be wearing this hat from Chapter 2 till Chapter 6.

Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat is available only from Chapter 2 till Chapter 6 at Appleseed Timber Co. located at Monto’s Rest just north-east of Strawberry and west of Diablo Ridge. One of the NPCs will be wearing it. It can be any one of them, therefore, check all of them.

Liberty Hat

The Liberty Hat can be found on one of the Night Walkers during a Stranger Mission called “A Fine Night For It”. This mission is only available after at least one random encounter with the Night Walkers in the Bayou Nwa region. Simply ride around the area until either a group of them attack you or a crying woman is seen. Approach her and a group should attack you.

During the mission, there will be two waves of these walkers. In the second wave, four NPCs will attack you: 2 melee and 2 archers. Check them all for hats and if none of them is wearing the Liberty Hat, take out three of the four and let the last one kill you. You will restart from the last check-point which is the beginning of this exact second wave. Keep retrying until you get the hat.

Military Mountie Hat

This hat is easily missable. In order to acquire this hat, you need to accept to speak with Rains Fall after the mission “A Rage Unleashed” in Chapter 6. Once you agree with Charles, you will get a marker on the map at Wapiti Indian Reservation for the mission “Archeology For Beginners”.

During this mission, you will need to infiltrate an enemy camp where you will find one of the guards wearing the hat. If you don’t see it on anyone, let them kill you and you will restart from the last checkpoint which is the beginning of camp infiltration.

Newsboy Cap

This hat can be found on any one of Cornwall’s men. However, there are certain missions where you are guaranteed to find this hat. You can find this hat in one of the earliest story missions in Chapter 2 called “The Sheep And The Goat”. When the shootout erupts, keep an eye out for the hat on Cornwall’s men, particularly the one in the balcony. He’s usually wearing this hat.

Other missions where you can find this hat if you’ve missed your chance at this one includes “An Honest Mistake” in Chapter 3 and “Just A Social Call” in Chapter 6. You can also find it on Cornwall Oil Wagon drivers. But that is only possible up until Chapter 6 and not in the Epilogue.

Sun Hat

The Sun Hat can be obtained during Chapter 5 which is the Guarma Chapter. During this chapter, you will come across a main story mission called “A Kind And Benevolent Despot”. This is where you will be rescuing Javier from the soldiers on Guarma.

During the shoot-out keep an eye out for soldiers wearing white hats with a black stripe running around it. Shoot the soldiers and once the hat falls off, it will start to glow. The glow is an indication that it is a special saveable hat. The only hat available in Guarma is the Sun Hat.

Worn Flat Cap

This is a special hat only worn by John during the Epilogue. You will notice John wearing this right after the main story mission “The Wheel” in Epilogue I. In order to save this hat, you need the hat to be knocked off of your head and then pick it back up again. You will notice that the hat will glow once it is on the ground.

A simple way to do this is by agitating one of the horses at the ranch. Once agitated enough, the horse will kick you and the hat will fall off.

John’s Gambler Hat

You will notice John wearing his Gambler’s Hat after the mission “Simple Pleasures” during Epilogue I. This hat is a rare and exclusive hat since it is only worn by John. In order to save this hat, you need to do the same thing as the Worn Flat Cap. Have it knocked off of you and then pick it back up to save it.

Unmissable Hats

You can find these hats all the way from Chapter 2 until Epilogue Part 2. You won’t miss these. Some might be harder to find due to their rarity level being so high but they are not impossible to find like some missable hats.

Boater Hat

The Boater Hat can be found on a random NPC at Rhodes Station. He is mostly sitting inside of the station during the afternoon. In case you cannot find the character, simply make some time pass by sleeping until the next afternoon.

Chinese Skull Cap

The Chinese Skull Cap can only be found after Chapter 6 and during the Epilogue. You need to go to New Austin for this hat. There will be a small wrecked camp right above the second “L” of “ARMADILLO”. You will be able to see a small black cross indicating a corpse on your map.

Derby High Hat

This hat is extremely difficult for some to find due to the fact that they are looking in the wrong place. This hat is on the passengers of stagecoaches. Some direct you towards the road near Little Creek River while others on the road leading towards Owanjila outside of Strawberry. While it is true, you can find this hat on these roads, the spawn rate of stagecoaches are extremely low.

The best and the fastest way you can find this hat is in Saint Denis. You need to look around the bridge leading in and out of the city. This is the bridge which leads you towards Caliga Hall. You will find plenty of stagecoaches and in one of them you will find a passenger with a Derby High Hat.

Scarecrow Derby Hat

This hat is found on the Scarecrow in the cornfield of Braithwaite Manor.

Farmer’s Hat

Look for NPCs wearing this hat in Strawberry. Look for NPCs near the general store as they are the ones usually wearing this hat.

Gambler’s Hat

You can find this hat in Armadillo which is only accessible after Chapter 6 and during Epilogue. Look for an extremely sick looking NPC in the town. This NPC can be anywhere, so observe all the NPCs in the town.

He will either be sleeping on one of the benches or puking in front of the store. Or even nailing the coffins. Reportedly some people were able to find this hat in Tumbleweed as well. But your best bet is Armadillo.

Gaucho Hat

This hat is found on NPCs in Blackwater, which is accessible after Chapter 6. Gaucho Hat can be found in the dense streets of Blackwater during afternoon when there are a lot of NPCs walking around. You have a higher chance of finding this NPC in the Saloon of Blackwater.

Sometimes he is reading the newspaper and sometimes he is standing beside the poker table by the bar. There is no specific activity he is involved in and it is random.

High Hat

The High Hat can be found on NPCs at Van Horn Trading Post. There is no specific NPC wearing it and any one of the NPCs can have this hat on. You have a higher chance of finding an NPC with this hat either in the Saloon or in the balcony of the Post Office.

You can also find this hat in the Van Horn Mansion on one of the two guys that are sleeping inside. A tip here is to save your game before entering the Van Horn Mansion and check for the hats on them. If they don’t have it simply reload your save game and check again.

Homburg Hat

The Homburg Hat is found on stagecoach drivers. These are most commonly available around Strawberry area. Look for stagecoach drivers on the road leading towards Owanjila. Stand at the intersection just above the “W” of “STRAWBERRY” on the map and wait for stagecoach drivers to pass by. One of them will be wearing it.

Mountaineer Hat

The Mountaineer Hat is one of the most difficult hats to acquire and one of the rarest, if not the rarest. In order to acquire this hat, you need to be mentally prepared to go through a time-consuming process. First and foremost, you can find this hat in the northern most Saloon in Saint Denis on a drunk passed out guy on the table to your left as soon as you enter the Saloon.

First, head over to the Saloon at around 5:30 AM, if you don’t see a guy with the hat on then save your game while you are inside the Saloon. Reload your game and head back to the Saloon. You will spawn extremely close to the Saloon so head straight back to the Saloon to check if a guy with the Mountaineer Hat spawned or not.

If he still didn’t spawn then keep reloading your game until you get him. The best time to get the hat is in between 5:30 AM and 6:00 AM. It took us 28 tries to get this guy to spawn!

Plantation Gambler’s Hat

You can find this hat on one of the NPCs in Lagras which is north of Saint Denis. Look at the fishing spots in the area. There will be a guy fishing with a hat on. You might need to save your game nearby and reload several times for this guy to spawn.

If you are playing as Arthur then you can also find it from Chapter 2 until Chapter 6 on one of the guards in the corn fields of Braithwate Manor. But you won’t find this hat there during the Epilogue. Lagras however, allows you to get the hat before and after the Epilogue.

Scarecrow Hat

Like many of the other hats, the Scarecrow Hat can be found in a rather unsurprising place: on the head of a real scarecrow. The scarecrow with the hat is found in the farm located to the southwest of Emerald Ranch, right to the south of the gap between the « H » and « A » in New Hanover on the map. To get the hat, shoot the scarecrow’s hat. Avoid doing this in broad daylight, as you may end up having to deal with some angry farmers.

Scarecrow Sombrero

This hat can be found on a Scarecrow in the fields located in the middle of Rhodes and Caliga Hall. Look at the area east of Rhodes and west of Caliga Hall. These fields are part of the hall itself. This Scarecrow is pretty hard to find due to it blending well in the fields, so refer to the player marker in the screenshot provided for its exact location. Shoot the hat to make it fall off to the ground and pick it up.

Scarecrow Top Hat

This hat is on a Scarecrow located at MacFarlane’s Ranch located just west of Stillwater Creek in New Austin. That means you need to be in the Epilogue in order to access this hat.

Straw Boater Hat

Straw Boater Hat is also one of the most difficult hats to come across. You can find this hat in the middle of Saint Denis, in the garden area by the Church. You need to look for a specific NPC walking past the Tailor’s Shop.

There will be a lot of NPCs wearing a similar hat but they are all wrong hats. You need to look for this specific NPC in order to get this hat. The hat will glow as usual indicating that it is the correct one.

Wide Slouch Hat

This hat is relatively easier to find. You need to go up the road leading up towards Chez Porter’s Cabin in Grizzlies West. Chez Porter’s Cabin is just north-west of Window Rock by Granite Pass. Look on your map and you will also see Barrow Lagoon west of Chez Porter’s Cabin.

You will come across an NPC wearing this hat. If you don’t see the NPC the first time, just set up a camp nearby and save your game. Reload your game and try again.

Workman’s Flat Cap

Look for NPCs wearing this hat in Annesburg.

Worn Flop Hat

Look for travellers passing by Emerald Ranch and one should be wearing this hat. If you notice that the passing NPC is not wearing any hat, then simply ride slightly away from the Ranch and come back.

Conductor’s Hat

The Conductor’s Hat can be found on supply wagon drivers. Go to the intersection which is just north-east of Valentine and slightly below the “U” of “CUMBERLAND FOREST”. Stand there and you will see a lot of supply wagons and stagecoaches coming towards you as they leave Valentine.

Crown Bucket Hat

You can find this hat on any one of the NPCs near the train station in Annesburg.

Western Homburg Hat

You can find Western Homburg Hat in Annesburg as well. It will be on one of the guarding NPCs particularly the ones near the dock in front of the Post Office. We found two standing together wearing the same hat.

Slouch Bucket Hat

This hat can be found at Butcher Creek. This hat is worn by several different types of NPCs but this hat is most commonly found on a Lumberjack at Butcher Creek.

Bag Hat

The Bag Hat is also found at Butcher Creek. It can be any one of the NPCs wearing it so look carefully at all the available NPCs. This hat is commonly found on an NPC who is just hanging out near the cooking pot.

Roanoke Hat

Another hat found in Butcher Creek, the Roanoke Hat is also worn by random NPCs in the area. So look for all NPCs particularly the ones sitting outside their houses.

Worn Stovepipe Top Hat

Yet again this hat is found on one of the NPCs at Butcher Creek. The Worn Stovepipe Top Hat is easily identifiable on NPCs due to its long top. It is on random NPCs, mostly guys around the cooking pot or hanging out right outside their houses will be wearing this hat.

Moonshine Hat

The Moonshine Hat is easily found on one of the farmers at Emerald Ranch. Look for a farmer near the stables but the location is completely random as he could be anywhere. We found him working at several locations but within Emerald Ranch.

Flop Hat

The Flop Hat is also found at Emerald Ranch. One of the farmers will be working in a small field just as you enter Emerald Ranch from the Fence side. This farmer is working on the small farm field outside the house next to the Fence. But as stated earlier, the hat can be on any one of the farmers around Emerald Ranch.

Cattleman Hat

You can find the Cattleman Hat on a Rancher at the ranch located just east of Flatneck Station.

Cutter Hat

You can also find the Cutter Hat at the ranch east of Flatneck Station. You can leave the ranch and come back at a later time after collecting one hat for the ranch to respawn another rancher with a different hat. You can also set up a camp nearby and sleep 1-2 times for the ranch to reset.

Rodeo Hat

Following the same strategy above, you can also find a Rodeo Hat on the Rancher at this ranch east of Flatneck Station.

Jipijama Panama Hat

You can find this hat on an NPC standing outside of Rhodes Train Station during the afternoon.

Panama Fedora Hat

The Panama Fedora Hat is also found Rhodes Train Station. One of the NPCs either inside or outside the station will be wearing it.

Military Forage Cap

You can find this cap at any one of the Lemoyne Raider camps or you can go to Shady Belle and you will find it on one of the raiders. We prefer Shady Belle due to high number of raiders hence increasing chances of you getting the cap.

Do not kill all the raiders in the area. Simply leave one and leave the area. After leaving set up a camp nearby and sleep for a day or two in order to reset the area. This will make new raiders spawn in the area. If you kill all of them then it will take forever for the area to reset, especially if you are in Epilogue.

Also, make sure you create a save before you attack the hideout in case you kill everyone, you can reload your game and try again. This is also important since the next hat depends on this strategy.

Military Officer’s Hat

You can also find Military Officers Hat at Shady Belle. After getting the hat and resetting the area as per the instructions given above (under Military Forage Cap section). You can return to this location and get this hat.

Pinned Flop Hat

You can find the Pinned Flop Hat at any one of Del Lobo’s gang hideouts. The most preferable location for this hat is Fort Mercer. You can only acquire this hat after Chapter 6 during the Epilogue since Del Lobo gang members are in New Austin region only.

Make sure you create a save before infiltrating Fort Mercer in case the hat is not on one of the spawned gang members. After you have acquired the hat, leave the area and do not kill everyone. Just leave, since it is important for the next two hats as well, just like the Shady Belle location strategy.

Leave the area, set up a camp nearby and sleep for 1-2 days. Return for the for the next hat.

Bolero Hat

The Bolero Hat is also found at Fort Mercer. Return and kill the members with hats on. One of them will surely drop one.

Straw Hat

The last hat you can get at the Fort is the Straw Hat. Once again after getting the Bolero hat, leave the area and do not kill all of the gang members. Set up a camp nearby and sleep for 1-2 days in order to reset the hideout. Return to look for Straw Hat.

You can always kill the maximum number of people with an exception of leaving 1-2 alive. This will increase the number of chances since a higher number of new members will spawn upon resetting the location.

Unique Hats

These are unique hats that you can find out in the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. These are unique in a way that these are not your typical “cowboy” or “traditional” hats. Each hat has a unique feature to it.

Unique Hats Video Guide

Tricorn Hat

You can find this hat in a shipwreck which is on an island west of Rhodes located at Flat Iron Lake. You can use a Canoe to reach the island or have plenty of horse stimulant to restore your horse’s stamina as he swims across.

Civil War Hardee Hat

The Civil War Hardee Hat is predictably located inside a location related to the war, the ruins of a fort. This fort is located to the southwest of the Van Horn Trading Post, to the north of the « R » in Kamassa River on the map and past the road.

Once inside the fort, look for the biggest house. Go inside and climb the ladder down to get into the basement where the hat and a few other items can be found such as Civil War Knife.

Morion Helmet

The Morion Helmet isn’t a hat, but in the end, it’s considered as one by the game since its function is pretty much the same as a regular hat. The helmet can be found on top of Mount Hagen in the Grizzles West area.

To locate the skeleton wearing the helmet, just put your waymarker on the « M » in “MOUNT HAGEN” on the map and you will reach the area easily. You can also inspect the skeleton.

Viking Helmet

While technically not a hat, the Viking Helmet is counted as one. The helmet can be found inside the same tomb where the Viking Hatchet and the Viking Comb are found. The tomb is located to the northwest of Annesburg, in the middle of the bend of the river. You can just head to the north of the first « N » in Annesburg on the map to locate the tomb easily. This tomb is also a site of inspection.

Miner’s Hat

The Miner’s Hat is, unsurprisingly, found inside a mine. The mine is located near Big Valley in West Elizabeth, to the south of the gap between « Big » and « Valley » on the map.

The mine is quite dark, so make sure to use the lantern to see where you’re going. Once inside, blow the rocks up and proceed through the hole, then go the right to enter the room with the Miner’s Hat. This hat is quite useful for exploring dark places, as it will make its own light. Talk about convenient!


Masks Video

Canvas Sack Hood, Cloth Mask, Executioner Hood, Metal Skull Mask, Psycho Mask

All five of these masks can be purchased from any fence as soon as they are unlocked in an early chapter 2 story mission.

These masks can be used to hide your identity while committing crimes, but make sure to wear them before you are going to do so, and well away from any lawmen, as you will become immediately wanted if you are spotted wearing one in an open area with too many witnesses.

Cat Skull Mask

The creepy Cat Skull Mask can be found near Lagras, in the Bayou Nwa region. The mask is found right to the north of the « L » in Lakay on the map, near the shore of the lake. The mask is located inside a shack half submerged in water. Inside the shack, look for a hole to crouch through. In the new room, you can find the mask mounted on the wall above.

Pagan Skull Mask

There’s nothing like a skull mask to instill fear in all those around you. The Pagan Skull Mask is quite easy to find, head to the open area to the west of Owanjila lake, which is, in turn, to the west of the town of Strawberry.

The area is the one bordered by the river and the train track. Once in the area, look for the place where some sort of ritual has been conducted, you will find the mask in the middle of the markings.

Pig Mask

The Pig Mask is one of the creepiest masks found in the game. It can be found to the northwest of the Van Horn Trading Post, right to the south of the « S » of Annesburg on the map. The right location is right past the river to the southeast of the Elysian Pool at Butcher Creek. It will be hanging by the Butcher’s Shed.

Ram Skull Mask

The Ram Skull Mask is the mask that players can only obtain after completing the game, as you need to be able to access the southern part of the map. The mask is found near Rathskeller Fork. Once in the area, look for a goat pen: the mask will be inside.