Strong 4K video shows what Definitive Edition could look like

the mod GTA V: Definitive Edition for the now nine-year-old Grand Theft Auto 5 wants to anticipate what Rockstar might plan to do in the future. After all, a remaster has been released for the old GTA Trilogy, but it had to take a lot of criticism due to technical defects.

With the mod by BadassBaboon the much younger GTA 5 should also have one high gloss polish receive. And that’s something to be proud of! Several graphical elements of the game have been improved, from detailed roads to natural terrain and atmospheric neon lighting.

The trailer from the modder shows a vivid Before/after comparison between vanilla and modded version:

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Sure, there are graphics mods for GTA 5 like Sand on Vespucci Beach, but this mod might be of interest to gamers with an affinity for graphics as it offers so many improvements in one handy package.

The mod includes, among other things:

  • 4K textures (including asphalt and buildings)
  • More realistic grass and forest textures
  • Detailed cliffs and rocks
  • Foam textures for the sea
  • Improved neon lights
  • New graffiti and neon signs

The mod is reminiscent of the holistic approach that is now also given to next-gen versions. But there is a catch.

Only for money

Modder BadassBaboon wants to be supported on Patreon in exchange for early access to the beta. Several mods are offered there, including the LA Roads mod, which is also included in GTA V: Definitive Edition and replaces the roads with more realistic Los Angeles-themed versions. The trailer also shows the difference to vanilla very clearly.

If you want to download the mod GTA V: Definitive Edition with the LA streets, you have to choose the highest supporter level and contribute 14 euros per month. With German VAT, 16.66 euros per month apply. Patreon support can be canceled monthly.

Meanwhile, the official GTA Remaster trilogy amazes us:

Higher PC specs than GTA 5, but just why?


GTA Remaster Trilogy

Higher PC specs than GTA 5, but just why?

What do you think of the Fan Version of a Definitive Edition for Grand Theft Auto 5? Are you friends of graphic mods or do you prefer to wait for a possible official version? Write us in the comments!