Summer Update 2022 – New content information announced

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Of: Adrienne Murawski

The GTA Online Summer Update 2022 is coming soon. Now new information about the content has been leaked. This should be included in the next DLC.

Update from 14.7.2022: The big GTA Online Summer Update 2022 could come as early as next week. Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact release date yet, but an insider has now shared new information about the content of the upcoming DLC.

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release September 17, 2013
editor Rockstar Games
series Grand Theft Auto
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GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – Leaker shares first information about new content

Insider alloc8or shared new information on possible content of the GTA 5 Online Summer Update 2022 in the notorious GTA Forums on July 14th, 2022. This could be included in the new DLC:

  • 26 new vehicle slots
  • 2 new rifles:

    1 tactical rifle and 1 other codenamed « PRCSRIFLE »
  • New skydiving activities
  • New Skydiving collectible
  • Activity outside of San Andreas (believed to be Cayo Perico)
  • DLC codename: “DLC 1 2022”

Fans are already discussing the new information on the forums. Many seem particularly excited about the new rifles. Rockstar Games will certainly introduce a few more changes with the GTA Online Summer Update 2022.

First report from 11.7.2022: New York – Fans have been able to play GTA Online for almost nine years. Despite this long time, the game from developer Rockstar Games still enjoys great popularity. Boredom doesn’t set in too quickly either, because there is a major update in GTA Online every six months. The next one should be coming up soon: the GTA Online Summer Update 2022. We’ll tell you what you already know about the release and content of the update.

GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – Everything we know about the release

Release of the GTA Online Summer Update: The developer from New York recently shared the first information about the big GTA Online Summer Update 2022. Rockstar Games didn’t officially call the update that, but fans know that’s what it’s all about. This is how an annoying Griefer vehicle will be nerfed in the next GTA Online update – to the delight of numerous fans.

But when exactly should the GTA 5 Online summer update be released? Unfortunately, Rockstar Games does not reveal an exact date. In the official blog post, the developer only says that the update « in a few weeks“ appears. But an insider may have already found out the exact date. Like Tez2 on Twitter announced that the bonuses of the new GTA+ subscription will expire on July 18, 2022. So could this mean that the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 will be released on July 19th?

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We can only say for sure when the developer from New York officially confirms the date. However, Rockstar has historically released GTA Online updates on Thursday or Friday, so we think July 22nd is more likely. By the way, last year’s summer update was released on July 20, 2021.

GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – This story fans could expect

GTA Online Summer Update Story: The story of the last GTA Online update excited fans, after all, rap legend Dr. Dre at the start and brought Franklin back from oblivion. Fans are therefore looking forward to the possible story of the GTA 5 Online summer update. Unfortunately, nothing is really known about this yet.

Michael in a red suit and gas mask from GTA 5. On the left the GTA Online logo
GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 Release – this content awaits you © Rockstar Games (Montage)

The only thing fans already know about the story of the GTA 5 Online Summer Update is that players will probably blossom into an IAA agent. As an IAA agent, you probably have to track down a criminal conspiracy and solve it. Whether a main character from the single-player campaign will be there again this time is also up in the air. After Franklin, Michael would probably be the next choice.

GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – this content will be donated to fans

GTA Online Summer Update Content: But there is also already confirmed content from the developer from New York, which will definitely come into play with the GTA 5 Online Summer Update. While Rockstar is still a bit vague on content, here’s what fans can definitely look forward to:

  • New contact and story missions
  • new cars
  • New pursuits for bikers, CEOs, nightclub owners and gun smugglers
  • New Quality of Life improvements

Above all, the Quality of Life improvements will improve GTA 5 Online and the gaming experience enormously. Snacks should be better and faster to select in order to be able to heal quickly on the go. There is also good news for CEOs and Presidents, as sell missions can soon also be started in invite-only sessions. Also, the Oppressor MK II is finally being nerfed.

Among other things, GTA Plus regularly promises additional GTA$ and bonuses for subscribers
New Quality of Life improvements announced for GTA Online Summer Update. © Rockstar Games

Furthermore, the developer from New York wants to adjust the in-game economy and pay out more money on certain missions. The salaries of bodyguards, employees and MC members are also to be increased. All quality-of-life improvements at a glance:

  • Better picking and choosing of snacks
  • Sell ​​missions from CEOs and Presidents also in invite-only sessions
  • Nerf the Oppressor MK II
  • Improvement of the in-game economy

It is not yet known whether there will be new real estate, weapons, collectibles or new meeting places such as the LS Car Meet. If the GTA 5 Online Summer Update is really released on July 19th, we will probably have this information soon.

GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – Price of the new DLC

GTA Online Summer Update Cost: Just like the previous major GTA Online updates, the summer update will probably be free. All content is provided by the developer for free. So far, Rockstar Games has been financed primarily through microtransactions and not through paid DLCs for multiplayer.