Summer update 2022 started – the highlights at a glance

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Of: Janik Boeck

The GTA Online Summer Updates 2022 has started. Fans can expect new missions, cars and much more. We reveal the highlights.

New York – The time has come. Summer is about to get a lot hotter in just a few days as Rockstar Games has finally announced the release of the GTA Online Summer Update 2022. New missions, cars and a lot of other content await fans. We tell you the highlights of the big update.

GTA Online: Summer Update 2022 – release is fixed

When is the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 coming? The release for the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 is now fixed. For a long time, the fans were wondering when they would finally get their hands on the hot content offensive from Rockstar Games, now there is clarity. July 26th is the day. In the GTA Online summer update, the MK II suppressor is finally being nerfed.

What is the story of the summer update? There was some speculation about the plot of the GTA Online Summer Update 2022. The plot shows some parallels to the real world situation. The economy of southern San Andreas is in trouble. Gasoline prices are at an all-time high, supply chains are severely impacted, and on top of that, an unprecedented heatwave is sweeping the state.

Four gangsters shoot guns in GTA Online
GTA Online: Summer Update 2022 – it’s getting hot in Los Santos © Rockstar Games

While everyone is trying to make the best of the situation, the IAA has noticed a huge increase in oil pumps. The corrupt Duggan family is suspected of using the crisis for their own benefit. To put an end to this, you need the players.

GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – this content is waiting for the fans

This is the content of the GTA Online Summer Update 2022: As usual, the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 is packed with content that will bring a breath of fresh air to the game. Included are new missions, vehicles, quality-of-life improvements, and new pursuits for CEOs, bikers, gun smugglers, and nightclub owners.

  • CEOs: You will now meet the Staff Manager Lupe in your office. He helps you to store additional special cargo in empty shelves. In addition, you can now have a daily shipment of special cargo delivered to your warehouse and sent to the docks from there. In addition, two new missions for acquiring special cargo will be added.
  • bikers: Clubhouses get a free upgrade that MC Presidents can use to customize clients’ bikes and ship them for GTA dollars or RP. There will also be two new Clubhouse quests. You can find them on the wall of the meeting room in the clubhouse. In addition, your bar is now supplied with new barrels, which ensures that it is constantly busy.
  • Arms smuggler: Ammu-Nation wants to get into your arms business. You can now make a daily delivery to a designated Ammu-Nation base to generate income. In the bunker you will find two new supply missions. You can now start resupply missions from the street. In addition, you can speed up research progress by securing data from heavily guarded positions.
  • nightclub owner: You can call Yohan to get goods for your nightclub or Tony if you want to start club management missions. There will be two new Club Management Missions.

GTA 5 Online: Summer Update 2022 – new missions and cars

This is Operation Paper Trail: The new mission of the GTA Online Summer Update 2022 is « Mission Paper Trail ». With up to four players in total, you can probe the Duggan oil family and put an end to their sleazy greed. Agent ULP will entrust you with the mission.

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There are new cars: The fleet will also be adjusted in the GTA Online Summer Update 2022. Exactly which cars will come is not yet certain, but there will be two that can fall back on Imani Tech. These also come with upgrades like remote controls, missile jammers, and more.

There will also be new tuner cars. Benny’s Original Motor Works also increases its capacity so that you can work on several cars at the same time. For those on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, an extra vehicle is coming later in the GTA Online Summer Update. There should also be other customization options.