Tears of the Kingdom », l’histoire sans fin selon Nintendo

Tears of the Kingdom, one of the most anticipated video games of the year, will be released on the Switch on Friday, May 12. The game follows Link, the brave knight, who, in the first few hours of gameplay, is invited by the venerable Impa to board a makeshift hot air balloon. As they soar into the sky, the player discovers a giant pattern that Impa tells them to identify and solve. The game continues the tradition of The Legend of Zelda series, where the world is an enigma and the player must uncover its secrets. Tears of the Kingdom, like Breath of the Wild, offers players an open world to explore, where they can discover new treasures and solve puzzles. However, the game introduces new powers, such as Infiltration, Rétrospective, Amalgame, and Emprise, that allow players to manipulate the environment and create new tools. Tears of the Kingdom also features a creative aspect, where players can build their own machines using pieces found throughout the game. The game offers an epic adventure where players must restore the grace of Hyrule and prevent the resurrection of a demonic king. The game is perfect for adventurers, inventors, and those who appreciate Nintendo’s imaginative worlds.