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    The Legend of Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom pour Nintendo Switch Dans la suite de The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild, Link s'élance dans les airs et explore désormais le ciel d'Hyrule au cours de son aventure.
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Nintendo has a unique way of treating its Zelda series. Throughout its 37-year existence, rare are the games that have truly used the same universe and characters. Although we may find the names and main characteristics, the reincarnation game always leads us to new versions of Hyrule and its protagonists. This is not the case with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This installment takes place a few years after the events of Breath of the Wild in a Hyrule that is being rebuilt following the victory over the calamity Ganon. Princess Zelda, accompanied by her loyal knight Link, discovers a hidden passage under Hyrule Castle that leads to strange catacombs. Among the ruins that testify to the founding of the kingdom 10,000 years ago, they come across an ancient evil mummy who quickly destroys Link’s legendary sword and sends Zelda falling into a bottomless ravine. When Link wakes up, he finds himself in the heavens where he learns about the Soneau technology (an ancient people that could be likened to the ancient Nazcas of our world) that he can master thanks to his new arm. With Zelda missing, he must find her, the beginning of a journey that will be very, very long.

The discovery of Tears of the Kingdom is therefore made through the Celestial Islands, the central point of communication from Nintendo. In a structure very similar to that of Breath of the Wild, Link quickly learns four essential new powers for his quest:

– Grasp allows him to remotely carry objects as he desires, but also to stick them to other objects to form a variety of things, ranging from aerial, aquatic, or ground vehicles to defensive weapons such as turrets.
– Retrospective has the effect of rewinding an object in time, independently of the rest of its environment.
– Amalgam allows him to fuse an object with a weapon, shield, or arrow for various effects.
– Infiltration allows Link to pass over the ceiling.

With these four very powerful powers, there are myriad possibilities for the player, both in terms of movement and exploration and in combat, and it is this dimension that makes Tears of the Kingdom exceptional, as I will explain later. But before that, let’s review the structure of this new installment.

The same Hyrule? Not so sure…

At first glance, one might think of a repeat of Breath of the Wild, but in the sky. Link’s control and the way the main quest starts are strictly identical. One thing is certain, Tears of the Kingdom will not be a new BOTW, in the sense of the gameplay shock that does what no game had ever done. TOTK does BOTW, but beware, it does it divinely. If you were afraid of finding a Hyrule you know by heart, this is not the case: during our wanderings, we discover a transformed Kingdom of Hyrule due to a Cataclysm that sees Soneau structures collapse on the Land, and we observe the evolution of each of the territories we had previously visited in BOTW. From Gerudo Valley to Death Mountain, the changes are so numerous that they are in fact countless. Those who found BOTW empty will be happy: the world is much more alive and full in Tears of The Kingdom. Enemy camps abound, certainly, but it is the whole exploration part that becomes more exciting: it is impossible to go 20 meters without seeing several points of interest. Admittedly, we find the ever-present Korogus, but they are a drop in the ocean compared to what this sequel offers. Each cave, each dark corner, each hill can hide real puzzles and ideas of gameplay more insane than the others. To give you just one example, as I enter a rather small cave, I activate a mechanism, thinking I will see a chest appear. Instead, the wall opens before me and I discover a gigantic section worthy of Indiana Jones with balls rolling down slopes and the obligation to cross all of this while carrying an object. Tears of the Kingdom delivers such little candies by the hundreds! We are never disappointed with our curiosity, and all the genius of the work lies in its ability to laugh at what we take for granted to surprise us.

Open-world content that keeps on giving

Thus, we must see TOTK as a gigantic toy box in which we never know what we will find. This is especially true since if the Korogus and sanctuaries make their comeback, there are other elements like caves (some of them are gigantic) or wells, not to mention the Celestial Islands on which we will return later. But the cities are not lacking in content with very varied quests and missions that often work on the principle of rumor or riddle. Someone has heard of a legendary creature near a forest in the south. It’s up to you to dig to find out what’s going on, knowing that there are several forests in the south, and they are not small. Questioning the characters in the area (often in horse relays) will sometimes tell you more if you don’t want to figure it out on your own. TOTK is a game that regularly forces you to look at your map and ask yourself questions to get to your goal, and the result is all the more rewarding.

Many of you are probably already thinking that a new Hyrule with many more activities sounds very promising… But if I tell you that this new Hyrule has managed to find another way to expand, with easily more than twice as much to explore? Indeed, Nintendo has been careful not to go into details, but it is another vision of the Kingdom that you will discover, with gameplay mechanics that are more difficult, both in combat and in exploration. It is impossible to say more without spoiling anything, but know that here, the possibility of building vehicles takes on its full magnitude. Indeed, with BOTW, the movements concerned only Link and his paraglider. If they are both back, it is a MacGyver spirit that comes into play when it comes to building a 4×4, a glider, or a catapult. The genius is that you are not conscripted to a ready-made plan: you must use the very permissive physical engine of TOTK for your inventions. With wheels, a rudder, and a board, you have a rolling vehicle. You can even equip it with headlights or automated turrets. Need to climb vertically? Try a hot air balloon with a flamethrower to gain height. Nothing can stop you as long as you have the right artifacts and a little common sense.

This is especially true in the Celestial Islands, which feature a wide variety of flying vehicles. You see an island in the distance and have only a small glider with a propeller and two fans. Without a rudder, you can only partially control the vehicle once in the air (by positioning yourself on the wings of your weight to try to alter the trajectory). Thus, you must calculate the ejection power, the angle, the basic positioning, and even sometimes the friction with the ground, in order not to be ejected into the void and fall 1,000 meters towards Hyrule. It is difficult to describe the feeling when, after many calculations, you trigger the mechanism, cross your fingers tightly before seeing your plan unfold perfectly!

A free but much more engaging storyline

In short, one of the primary qualities of Tears of the Kingdom is to always offer us freedom of action, without real limits. You can go where you want, when you want, in any way you want, even towards the end of the game. No spatial limits, but also no time limits: like BotW, you are never rushed or stuck in…