The Legend of Zelda timeline: Every Zelda game in chronological order

The timeline of The Legend of Zelda series is complicated and includes 19 soon-to-be 20 official games across 37 years, with spinoffs excluded. The upcoming Tears of the Kingdom game is placed after Breath of the Wild, but the chronology of the entire series is unclear due to time travel, multiple timelines, and a 10,000-year time skip. In 2011, the first official timeline was published in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, which organizes the games into three possible outcomes. However, the timeline becomes confusing in Breath of the Wild, as the game’s official book suggests that stories may not be historically accurate. Despite this, there is a generally accepted timeline that includes Skyward Sword, The Minish Cap, Four Swords, and Ocarina of Time, each leading to one of three possible timelines: Fallen Hero, Child, and Adult. The chronology of the games within each timeline is detailed, but there is still some room for interpretation and debate.