Zelda Tears of the Kingdom : Les 5 choses que l’on attend de TOTK

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is Nintendo’s main title for 2023, anticipated by fans who were won over by Breath of the Wild. The challenge for this second installment is to surpass its predecessor, which won critical acclaim for its total player freedom in an open-world concept. In this 5 things to know, we present the five elements that we can expect from TOTK to make it as successful as its predecessor. These include breaking out of Breath of the Wild’s shadow, redefining movement rules, surprising in familiar terrain, renewing interest in the story, and varying combat tools. TOTK must give players the impression of a real sequel to their heroic adventures in Hyrule, which means rethinking many aspects such as player movement and transportation, adding new challenges to exploration, and injecting more mystery into the plot. The trailers for TOTK indicate that the game will feature a variety of transportation options, new territories to explore, and new combat tools that will change gameplay dynamics. Fans are eagerly waiting to find out if TOTK can live up to their high expectations.